Here is some of the international press coverage that the Famagusta Ecocity Project has received since its inception.

“I left my soul inside. OPEN UP!”

“I left my soul inside. OPEN UP!”

Welcome to Varosha, the Mediterranean's best kept secret. Miles of sand where it's just you and nature. Dozens of grand hotels where you'll have the pick of the rooms.


Vasia Markides grew up with her Greek Cypriot mother's stories of Varosha which was once the booming tourist resort of Famagusta, but it has now been fenced off from the world for nearly 40 years. Vasia has launched a campaign to bring Varosha back to life, and to make the whole area into an eco-city. Ceren Boğaç, a Turkish Cypriot from Famagusta, grew up next to Varosha, and shares Vasia's dream.

How a ghost town embodies the Cypriot divide - Aljazeera

As political negotiations continue, one group is pushing to revitalise the long-abandoned district of Varosha.

Can eco-city plans bring Cypriot ghost town back to life? - CNN

One Square Meter explores the leading architectural designs, city plans and demand for property investment in emerging markets.

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Giving Cypriot Ghost Town Ecological Rebirth - AP/San Diego Union-Tribune

The grassroots project — the brainchild of Greek Cypriot-American Vasia Markides — aims to transform the ghost town into a model eco-city, preserve local character, generate revenue for the debt-ridden country and provide a forward-thinking example of planning in a drought-prone country plagued by overdevelopment.

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Nearly 100 participants to launch the Famagusta Ecocity Project - Cyprus Mail

CLOSE to 100 participants will take part in the five-day Famagusta Ecocity Project Design Studio launching on Thursday to draft a range of design proposals for turning the ghost town of Varosha and the wider Famagusta area into a model reunited ecocity, fit for the 21st century.